The 90's Club

Welcome To The ’90s Club


Hi, My name is SmokeySalmon (AKA Jack) and I’m the founder and creator of “THE 90’S CLUB”.
I started streaming and creating You tube content in April ’19 as a way to meet new people and have a laugh. When I’m not streaming I work as an Engineer in the Derby, UK but I was born in a small town called Macclesfield. – Check out my “Introduction” post in my Blogs to find out more

My First Giveaway

What to Expect

I created this website to introduce the 90’s club to the world. I’ll be writing a weekly Blog which will include personal experiences, Game and equipment reviews and hopefully guest Blogs/Interviews with other content Creators.

The 90’s Club

The ’90s Club was the name of the group of friends when I was growing up. We got together and played games on consoles like N64, PS1, Dreamcast and when times called for it – Board games… Now it’s the name of my new club… You guys. The ’90s Club is for the supporters of my content and stream. I have plenty of great ideas coming your way 🙂

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